E2 produces new odds banner for Tipico

Conversion of the new banner line into html5

After the new appearance of Tipico as part of the “ritual” campaign at the start of the year, Tipico’s odds advertising media are also being completely redeveloped.

For the new development, E2 was able to prevail in the course of a pitch.

E2 is responsible not only for the technical implementation but also for the concept, design and the ongoing ad serving using its own ad system platform. The focus for the development of the banner depends on a clear, structured presentation of the relevant information. The advertising materials will be produced entirely in-house.




Technical implementation



Media purchase


  • Robert Koch - Senior Software Engineer
    Yasen Tenev - Frontend Developer
    Philipp Nestelberger – Head of Media Operations
    Christian Markl - Area Manager Austria
    Carlos Vargas – Art Director
    Liliana Calapez – Graphic Designer
    Sebastian Korejtek - Head of Ad Operations & Datamanagment
    Nathaniel Boisgard - Head of Architecture & Development
    Martin Dimitrijevic - Marketing Operations
    Tanja Skaumal – Projectmanagement & Production