E2 Oddsserve launches product in Italy

“CSI-Ad” for calciomercato.com

E2 Oddsserve has expanded its advertising portfolio, now providing a native odds banner directly within the running text of calciomercato.com by means of content-sensitive integration.

The new technology developed by E2 Oddsserve allows the content of an article to be analysed and the next suitable game to be displayed to the user. The design of the CSI ad was adapted to the look and feel of the publisher, calciomercato.com. The pre-match & live match odds from the E2 Sportscube are also matched and delivered through the E2 AdSystem.

The CSI ad was conceived, designed and technically implemented by E2 Oddsserve. E2 is also responsible for the delivery of the advertising material.




Technical implementation



  • Paolo Captuo – Marketing Manager Italy
    Alexander Grafl – Head of Data & Performance Sales
    David Burke – BI Data Analyst
    Sebastian Korejtek – Head of Ad Operations & Datamanagement
    Alfred Dahlmann – Head of Product Management
    Michael Labschütz – Product Manager
    Robert Koch – Head of Architecture & Development
    Carlos Vargas – Art Director