Corporate Design Rebrush

Tipico season starts off with a new CD

In time for the launch of the German “Bundesliga” football season, Tipico launches a re-brush of their corporate design.

The objective was to maintain the key elements of the brand, increase brand equity and simplify implementation into the mobile market.

E2 heads up this project for Tipico, from defining the objective, to the graphic pitch, through to the creation of the final CD guide.

In addition, E2 was responsible for adapting all existing marketing material to the new CD guidelines.


Advertising Media Production


Media Planning

Media Purchasing


  • Tanja Skaumal - Head of Production
    Philipp Nestelberger - Head of Media Operations
    Carlos Vargas - Art Director
    Liliana Calapez - Graphic Designer
    Christian Markl - Marketing Manager
    Nicole Reischl - Media Coordinator
    Konrad Iluszko - Marketing Manager
    Alfred Dahlmann - Head of Product Management