E2 launches EM 2016 campaign for Tipico

Safehands Army goes EM Golf

For the first time, all four testimonials from Tipico meet up for a round of golf.

Of course, the quartet don’t play “normal” golf – football is played, the somewhat different way to imitate the European Championship.
Each one represents his country and is firmly convinced he’ll shine not only in the tournament, but also at the European Championship.
Denmark’s failure to qualify offers Oliver offers a nice chance to get back at his friend and rival Peter Schmeichel, but Tipico allows everyone to play. Geert De Vlieger, the newest member of the Tipico family, makes his debut here.

In addition to the focus on TV placements, the campaign is also shown online, mobile as well as in numerous print publications in Germany, Austria, Denmark and, for the first time, in Belgium as well.






Media planning

Media purchasing


  • Tanja Skaumal – Projektmanagement & Produktion
    Philipp Nestelberger – Head of Media Operations
    Christian Markl - Area Manager Österreich
    Martin Dimitrijevic – Area Manager Dänemark
    Christian Czerko – Area Manager Belgien
    Carlos Vargas – Art Director
    Liliana Calapez – Graphic Designer