t-online.de and E2 go into a common future together

E2 assures its leading position in the German market.

After a detailed analysis of the highest-reach news portal t-online by E2, a mix of different marketing approaches consisting of branding, native and context-sensitive integrations was developed.

The focus was to develop a tailored marketing mix for advertisers and to generate added value for t-online.de users. E2 stands out with its unique and innovative ad system Oddsserve, for the complete production and delivery of sports betting content. By using scaling products, a rapid technical implementation was realised.

E2 started exclusive sports betting marketing on all digital channels of t-online.de just in time for the start of the 2019/2020 Bundesliga season. E2 was thus able to further strengthen its position as the leading marketer of sports betting in the German-speaking region and is proud to support t-online.de as a full service agency for sports betting.

With a monthly reach of around 380 million visits, t-online.de is the news portal with the highest reach in Germany.