T-Online focuses on smart integrations of E2

T-Online.de has been relying on products from E2 since the summer of 2019

The integration of completely new products has generated added value for users and additional revenue sources for T-Online. The advertising spaces are placed exclusively in the relevant content, thus creating editorial added value. In addition to the classic quota integration in the individual competitive environments, SmartOdds are also used in live games, as well as Vote Ads, which address the user and motivate him to interact. At the article level, additional content sensitive integrations are built in, which show the user suitable advertising media for the respective article.

All widgets were designed and technically developed by E2. The unique E2 Oddsserve AdSystem will provide T-Online with scalable products that guarantee rapid customer integration and market expansion to a wide range of language versions. The delivery and ongoing support of the advertising spaces is carried out by E2.