tipp3 Betting Tourney – a complete success

E2 betting solution brings repeat business

Betsnap is the name of the newest product in the E2 family. As its first mandate, tipp3 allows its customers to “snap the bet”.

The “tipp3 Betting Tourney“ offers its customer community the possibility of matching up in tournaments against the best betters in the entire country several times a week. And here’s what happens: Every one of the participants has 1,000 points and tries to increase his/her point count by betting correctly in the hope of landing at the very top of the ranking list. Live betting, the cash-out function and the dynamic leaderboard serve meanwhile for continuous thrills and excitement.

Betsnap proves to be especially effective in reactivating customers who have been previously lost and in preventing churn. New customers are captivated by the social features. It’s added value that allows the “Betting Tourney sponsored by tipp3” to become another key component on the tipp3 page.

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